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2016-11-10 14:06:21 by MrHappyKiller

Well Adopted Collab....

Here go.


Only comedy.

Ask like mom "am i adopted?" and says "yes" just kill him.

Dont make rape jokes

Dont make rape jokes.


Ends at 10 December

Why I dont like hank.

2016-11-08 08:42:50 by MrHappyKiller

6097468_147861253841_pngs.pngcuz hes raping grunts. xd

Any Ideas?

2016-11-06 04:30:35 by MrHappyKiller


Well i have been dick here much.

I well come back...

dont forget....

2016-11-01 15:20:50 by MrHappyKiller

Collab ends at 10 november

Gabriel Vs YOU Collab.

2016-11-01 12:44:46 by MrHappyKiller

Hello everyone! Its my first collab i doing right now.

Its "Gabriel VS (you)!" 


dont make you char wins.

dont send pornographic stuff.

Dadness and Mr nails Nope...

and dont forget to put you name too. (not real name or last name)


All animations you done pm to me.

Winners well get new avatar



Free MrHappyKiller Clone.

2016-11-01 05:24:20 by MrHappyKiller

Well you can have it for collab6097468_147799213083_memes.pngsorry is big but hope you like it



Why my video got BLAMMED?

2016-10-31 06:39:48 by MrHappyKiller

I dont know reason do. any can help me?

Hello Newgrounds!

2016-10-30 12:52:36 by MrHappyKiller

Im new madness animator

what i like is.....


ultimate death scene

and more s***